I have been working in the computer industry for over 20 years. Working in a highly stressful position, photography has provided me with a new found method of relaxation. I have been interested in photography since my early teens. In my younger years, I enjoyed taking black and white photos and developing my own prints. I have not had any formal training, however I have learned a great deal on my own from reading materials and the constructive feedback from other photographers.

With today’s technology, digital cameras and great software, it allows me the opportunity to really enhance my photography skills. My intent is to provide my viewers with photographs that don’t just reveal the beauty of the subject, but captivate you in the moment as if you were there to see it with your own eyes.

I love the outdoors and focus the majority of my work on the beautiful landscapes, wildlife/birds. I can spend hours waiting for the perfect shot. Executing a picture of a 1000 words is time consuming and takes a great deal of patience and I hope that my work reflects my determination.

I have lived in Southwest Florida since 2001 and enjoy traveling around to different places and bringing a new perspective of the area.
Several of my photographs have been published with:

Shutterbug "Talking Pictures" From The End Comes Beauty Shutterbug, February, 2006

New Press “A Field Guide to Paradise Tropicalia” - Pictures from Paradise.

Cover Page and write up with “A Field Guide to Paradise Tropicalia”